Instrument Exchange Program

Welcome to The Jam Room Instrument Exchange Program where we have two approaches for you to donate an instrument. 

You can either donate directly to a local Jam Room in your area, where you can physically deliver the instrument to them, or you can enroll in our Instrument Exchange Program, and we will locate a member somewhere in the world who is in need of your instrument and put you in touch with them to figure out the details of getting the instrument to them.  The Jam Room is not responsible for any transactions but once we verify the instrument has been delivered, we can issue a tax deductible receipt regardless of where you ship the instrument.  Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get started.  Note: The Jam Room cannot dictate the value of any instrument, so we ask you for that input when you submit the form.   

Ask any musician and they’ll tell you the best instruments are not the ones you go looking for, but rather the ones that find you. It’s a magical moment when this happens. The circumstances that surround such an event usually become landmarks in the life of the musician and their instrument.

Music fills the spirit with hope and possibility but it’s more than just a dance in the moment to the musician, it’s the sense that their music connects them to the earth and all of life within it. When an instrument finds its musician, this is a huge part of this mystical connection.

And now we are able to extend the opportunity for you to experience the giving end of this journey of musical inspiration. In addition, you’ll be able to follow the artist and your instrument through our platform and on social media.

Whether the instrument you are donating belonged to a loved one who has passed, or maybe it traveled with a popular band, or was simply purchased because you thought you wanted to play and never did, once that instrument finds its Jam Room member, its journey through you will be part of their incredible story. And often those stories are so full of serendipity that we track them and share them on social media because they inspire everyone who reads them.

So please tell us all you can about your donation so we can use that information to connect you with the member that your instrument is seeking.

Once we receive your submission, we analyze our membership and determine the best fit for your donation. Our process is proprietary but I will tell you that its all done manually, not with some algorithm. Our little secret is that it’s just us being stingy so we can participate in the journey ourselves.

We look forward to connecting you and your instrument to its new owner!

Note: These instruments are NOT being donated to The Jam Room nonprofit charity, we are merely facilitating the connection, therefore you will not be able to write it off as a tax donation. Your only reward is the joy you’ll receive from the experience. 

Secondly, no instrument is too large or too small for the program because each connection is proprietary and if you match up with the right recipient, things will work themselves out regarding everything from shipping methods and who pays for it. 

Lastly, this is not a brokerage service. We are a charity and these are strictly donations. The only thing that should be “negotiated” with the exchange recipient are the shipping costs, if that. Please respect this for the sake of the integrity of our program. 

Click the button below to donate your instrument.Thank you for participating in our instrument exchange!