Sponsor Registration

A Jam Room Sponsor is someone who wants to take part in personally helping a musician of your choice, one of our members, launch their career by funding a tailored program to prepare them for the stage.  

This is an opportunity to be directly involved in the life and journey of a promising musician. You get to choose the musician you want to sponsor, based on their profile. You get an introduction to them, and then you will be able to follow their progress, help them raise additional funds along the way, and popularize their music all by offering to sponsor them. Got a product or a brand you want to promote on their image?  Through our platform and on their own, sponsored musicians are encouraged to share the wealth and co-brand their image with their sponsors. Combined with The Jam Room platform, this becomes the perfect opportunity to leverage a little star power without having to break the bank to do it, and help make someone’s dreams come true in the process!

To get started, simply fill out and submit the form below.Sponsors can participate at whatever level is desired, from c. $300 and up.