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This is where the rubber meets the road. Being able to get your music produced, published and heard / compensated takes finesse and persistence. In this realm, there’s more than enough pitfalls to avoid and youll spend more money trying to discover what you don’t know than to simply follow the guidelines of a well-known leader in the industry. 

At this time, this portion of the site is not connected through an affiliate relationship to these products.  We simply recommend them because nobody does it better or more comprehensible than Dave Kusek’s New Artist Model Online Music Business School for Independent Artists.

Dave has plenty of Free eBooks and Video’s to get you started. If you need help raising funds to purchase these items, look into our Funding Page to learn ways you can acquire the funds necessary to invest in your musical future.

When you click on any of the images below you will be directed to Dave’s website where you can request any or all of these free resources.

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