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Welcome to Music Training in The Jam Room! 

The courses available through this portal have been hand picked by us because of their effectiveness, value and approach.

We offer training on instruments, vocals, stage presence/ performance, industry knowledge, mindset, and more. 

The instruction on this site is a collection of instructors we have chosen from around the web with a common thread between them. First, they are all quality teachers with much to offer. Second, they all offer a method that serves a common mindset of concise and expedient learning to get you playing at a higher level than you are now, from beginners to proficient, as fast as possible.

These are the programs we fund through our Keyhole Sponsorship Program,   so make sure you keep your profile up to date!

The Jam Room is focused on those who are producing new music, primarily from 3-4 person bands to solo artists. This focus means new participants have a shorter path to feeling accomplished as they learn to contribute to specific results within the band they play in. This approach increases focus in their learning path, creating an environment of accomplishment.

So our job is to present you with quality teachers and help you focus your energies through a local Jam Room, encouraging the host and all the members of that Jam Room to support you as well.

Although some of these vendors are paid affiliates of The Jam Room, the resources here are independent contributors and are supported by each vendor independently. We simply organize them and recommend them to you, so please direct support issues to them directly through their own channels.

We are constantly working with our vendors to provide the best instruction on various instruments and styles. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please let us know.

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