Musical Mindset

In the search for a musical mind, we need look no further than MusicalU, a web portal for developing your musicality more soundly than any we’ve found. 

Being a Jammer means to speak the language of music at the most fundamental level using your ear to guide you. Then as you develop, you are able to speak more fluently and with greater depth. But regardless of experience level, the foundations of a musical mindset are the same. MusicalU is the most efficient way to get there. 

Can you imagine having the kind of musical mind that can:

  • Hear music and effortlessly recognize the notes and chords by ear.
  • Glance at sheet music, tab or a chord chart and immediately hear in your head how it should sound.
  • Spontaneously create your own original musical ideas as easily as breathing and share them with other musicians or an audience using your voice or your instrument.
  • Just sit down and play for your own pleasure, relaxation and creative fulfillment.
  • Sit in on jam sessions or gigs with any group of musicians with no prior preparation required because you know you’ll have something solid to contribute.

A musical mind that feels capable and confident in any musical situation – because you understand instinctively how music is put together.

The kind of musical mind that makes learning new things in music is a breeze – because everything just connects together and makes sense.

Does that sound exciting to you?

In our Musicality Unleashed series we’ve been talking about the mindset shifts and mental models which can empower you to do all these things and more. And last time we talked about how to bring this all together with the established “Kodály” approach which has been proven over decades to effectively put in place an empowering foundation of musicality.

After discovering the effectiveness of the Kodály approach I decided we had to do something to get it into more people’s hands, so last year we launched the first ever online training course following a Kodály approach, Foundations of a Musical Mind.

  • Get the Musicality Unleashed cheat sheet
  • 1: The Truth About Talent
  • 2: The Two Things Most Music Education Is Missing
  • 3: What Makes a Musician a “Natural”?
  • 4: Did You Skip Step One?
  • 5: A Better Mental Model For Pitch
  • 6: A Better Mental Model For Rhythm
  • 7: Don’t Just Learn Songs — Learn Music Through Songs
  • 8: ​Singing Is Your Birthright
  • 9: Creativity Is The Vehicle, Not The Destination
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