Meet the Board

Carlton has been an event organizer and musician all throughout his life. By day, he’s a medical doctor but by night, he plays the bass, drums, and produces the biggest and baddest of shows.

Carlton RoosEvent Coordinator




Lonnie is a life-long singer/ songwriter with a passion for helping other musicians find their path. From his studio in Okanogan, WA he builds not only the talent of many musicians but as an Associate Pastor and Worship Leader in his church, he fosters the spirit of all those who come in contact with him.

Lonnie, J. GoodProduction & Songwriting Mentor




Holding down the business end, Kelly supports the structure and direction of The Jam Room with decades of service on various boards and an impressive resume as IT Director for the local school district. 

Kelly CarikerBusiness Development




Kathy’s passion for seeing musicians grow is the reason The Jam Room exists. As a high school band teacher, she infuses rhythm in her students and brings them into their own as musicians, with more passion and skill than can be expressed in words. She also directs the best Pep Band in the State.

Kathy BrownTreasurer







Jeremy has his finger on the pulse of Indy Music and with a bellowing voice, can stir your emotions from the inside-out. Jeremy helps the rest of us maintain a connection with the younger generation. 

Jeremy HealeyArtist Liaison



Tracy brings with her over a decade of small business ownership and  experience as a photographer for bands and night clubs. With a keen eye for capturing a musician’s heart and soul on film, she also makes a mean cake.

Tracy JonesSecretary





Scott is a 30-year music professional who has been in almost every aspect of the industry for decades. As a session player and studio engineer, he has accumulated several gold albums and a platinum album with the band JOURNEY. As our industry adviser, he’s invaluable. 

Scott TeagardenIndustry Advisor





James is the creator of The Jam Room with a heart for serving. Having struggled for years to sing and play guitar, he realizes his real talents are in building systems to help others, but that doesn’t stop him from working at getting better at the craft. 

James CraddockPresident