We are looking to sponsor qualified musicians that have what it takes to transform from Amateur Musician to Professional Performer 

Watch these videos to discover how our The Jam Roomnonprofit charity, in partnership with SoundFly, 

is looking to help you launch a career in music!



               Unlocking what you have to offer!

     Keyhole is a program within The Jam Room membership that aims at pairing emerging artists with sponsors who want to offer financial assistance for the training necessary to get them ready for a professional career in music. In cooperation with Soundfly, we offer a mix of the courses detailed here in this flyer.

Behind the scenes, while you are working hard to grow as a musician, we develop relationships with sponsors that through the members area discover artists they would like to financially support in three areas.

1. To help market & publicize their existing productions.

2. To help produce & publish new songs and albums.

3. To help train, prepare and launch amateur musicians as productive professionals.

Once a match is made, we design a path with our training partners and other connections to take you from where you are to where you need to reach your stated as your goal.  And the sponsor, through The Jam Room, covers the cost.

If your goal is to be on the VOICE, we design the best path with the best instructors to get you ready for the next VOICE audition in your area. If you want to release a single, we design a path that gets that single released as efficiently as possible. If your goal is to tour, we pair you with a donor partner who can not only fund your preparation but also makes sure you get to your first gig. 

We simply make dreams come true by unlocking what you have to offer, removing the financial obstacles along the way. 

All you have to do is fill out your profile page accurately and complete. From there we are able to initiate the partnership process.  This isn’t a dating site where some AI makes decisions via an algorithm, instead these are individual donors who believe in you enough to use their money to help you succeed. 

That’s Pretty Cool!

Each sponsor-musician pairing is unique so there is no set criteria for a match,  making your profile paramount in attracting one of our sponsors. 

These partnerships will also be promoted on The Jam Room social channels as this transition to stardom takes place, which helps KEYHOLE participants develop a social footprint during preparation time.

Some partnerships will offer to simply publish your latest release on CDBaby. Others will want to fund more education for you, and still others will want to totally support you all the way through your journey. It’s up to the Sponsor to decide how they want to engage you.

For those local to the Okanogan Washington Jam Room Incubator will have access to Lonnie Good’s GOODMARK Studios. Those in other regions, will either need to locate a Jam Room Incubator or find a studio for to work with. 

The number of Sponsoring Partners you can have are not limited by The Jam Room, we simply create the connections for you. You can court as many sponsors as your sponsors will allow, to ensure you are able to reach your goals. 

If you’re already a member of The Jam Room, be sure to complete your profile in the member’s area and update it as you grow. If you are not a member, we invite you to become a member.

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