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The Jam Room welcomes you and your music, please let us know how we can support your journey. MemberSupport@TheJamRoom.org


What’s Next?

1.) Fill out your profile so fans and sponsors can find you and initiate a relationship.  Note: (Once you have a sponsor, we’ll align you with one of our Soundfly mentors through their Headliners Program Club to design your path forward.)

2.) Use the menu below to peruse the training programs available.

3.) Join or start a local Jam Room so you can collaborate and learn, stay motivated and excel.

4.) Follow our Podcast on Spotify. (Coming Soon)

SoundFly CEO, Ian Temple encourages The Jam Room members at the time of our Launch Party and identifies a key component of why The Jam Room will work for you.  

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The Jam Room brings together resources aimed at helping develop, launch, and promote Independent Musicians.  

If you have a suggested resource or would like to be included in The Jam Room as a resource, please let us know.



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