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How To Write a Donation Request Letter

If you have your Jam Room setup as a nonprofit, you can solicit ta deductible donations from company’s as well as private individuals. Donation letters are nonprofit fundraising letters to be sent out to individuals or other organizations, like local businesses. While these letters can be sent out at any time of the year, they are particularly effective during the holiday season in November and December, when people are feeling more charitable. 

Donation request letters can be sent on their own, but some organizations also include additional information such as pamphlets or booklets. This can help your potential donor learn a little bit more about your organization and see if their ideals line up with your cause. These letters give you a chance to formally ask for donations and provide a space to clearly outline your needs and explain how a donation will benefit your mission.

Though many different types of organizations send out donation request letters seeking different types of support, the main elements in each letter tend to stay consistent.

3 key elements of any good donation request letter

What should you always include in your donation request letter? Think of this as your checklist, so make sure you have them all:

  • Emotional appeal. Pull in your donors with an emotional story outlining your organization’s mission and what you’ve accomplished so far. Talk about how your organization has impacted constituents in a positive way. Whether you’re a nonprofit or you help run a faith-based organization, donors will want to know how you’ve been helping your surrounding community.
  • How the donor can help solve the problem. Make sure to explain to your donors how their specific donation will contribute to your cause. Give examples of the specific, physical impact the donation will have.
  • Donation information and details. Don’t forget to include information on how to send a donation, as well as details for further communication. Always provide a way for the donor to ask questions or request additional information.

Use these 3 key elements to guide your drafts as you write your donation request letters. For more specific templates, click below depending on what kind of organization you are. 

Using the fundraising letter templates provided by https://www.fundraisingletters.org/ you can solicit donations for your Jam Room.

 Click here to download the template set

 Click here to view a completed Jam Room example