Introducing GifRiffs

What in the world is a GifRiff? It’s a mash-up of animated gifs and guitar riffs. Well, any melodic hook will work just fine, I just happen to be a guitar player so that is what I use. 

I know, these are goofy-looking. Well, at the moment they are. I haven’t perfected my approach yet. 

I sit down with my guitar and look for a short 4-8 bar riff. I think about different things, styles, approaches, etc. and then I try to get my fingers to do something they are not used to. Otherwise all the riffs sound the same. And for all I know, they may sound the same to you. That is why I try different approaches. 

See a GifRiff is magical because it has so many different benefits to it both as a piece of Content and as a learning device. 

To write a song takes time, it takes patience and a high level of creativity. But to finish a song takes even more! The beauty of a GifRiff is you can get the idea out of your head and into the physical/ digital world in a matter of minutes and then move on. 

I haven’t found the perfect formula for them yet, but I will. Is it good to add a few lyrics to the GifRiff so you can remember what you were thinking later? Is it good to add multiple gifs or should you just repeat the same gif? 

Well, it really all depends on the riff and what you’re trying to say, but I’m sure some work better than others overall. 

The cool part is that once you have a collection of GifRiff’s, you can go back and listen to each one and it so stirs your creativity. I’m convinced that a year from now I will listen to a GifRiff an pen the song that goes with it, in 5 minutes. Rather than spending days, if not weeks and months trying to consciously craft a song out of these inspired hooks, I just let my subconscious reticular-activating system do the work for me while in idle mode.

Ok, there are many cool parts to a GifRiff, so you may hear me say that a lot. And yes, it’s all in how you look at it. 

Content is hard to create and inspirational content even tougher. A GifRiff is the opportunity to encapsulate emotional ideas in a short bit of Content and then to share it. Keep doing this and you end up with a collection of musical Content that can will begin to emerge as a complete story. 

When I sit down to make a GifRiff, I usually give myself about an hour.  It could happen quicker if I didn’t want to experiment and if I didn’t spend so much time parousing animated gifs during the process.

But when I start the jam, I don’t really have anything in mind. But I find that if I expose myself to something right before making it, I tend to pic up on that vibe and carry it over into the GifRiff. In other words, these short peices of Content are a great way to express an idea by simply getting close to a topic for a few minutes, allowing it to come through your music and then be captured in the GifRiff. 

Not too different from the process of writing a song, just without all the technical things having to be worked out. And if you play a GifRiff over and over… as is the nature of an animated Gif, the groove starts to work into the listener. Suddenly, the hook takes root. Hooks are naturally intended to do this anyhow.

The more of these that get made, the better this will all start to make sense. But here are a few topics around GifRiffs that I would like to explore on this blog.

  • The power of small Content pieces
  • How a GifRiff can come about in your imagination
  • How watching Gifs can inspire Riffs, after making GifRiffs
  • How making GifRiffs cause your mind to focus and teach itself
  • How much better you hear music after making a few of your own GifRiffs
  • How GifRiffs can allow non-musicians to participate in the process
  • The potential of GifRiffs
  • The ignorance of a GifRiff and how that ignorant approach can free you to be creative
  • Why any GifRiff is better than no GifRiff at all
  • How you can use GifRiffs to share your music
  • How a GifRiff can cause your music to be remembered

And on and on we will go until I’ve convinced you that making a GifRiff a day is a powerful way to both develop as a musician and become known for it. By the way, you are going to make much better GifRiffs than these.  I promise! I look forward to viewing some GifRiffs made by artists who are into EDM. Those will be cool.

It’s cool to let people see you progress as a musician, but it’s not cool to make them sit through the many hours of painful toil you go through to get there. GifRiffs allow them to experience your progress little by little. So don’t worry about how bad your GifRiff comes out. I think I’ve proven that doesn’t matter. And if you end up with a really cool or funny GifRiff because you find just the right gif or combination of gifs, and suddenly a less than perfect riff sounds awesome. You just might uncover something that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. 

Give it a try, make your own GifRiff today at It’s FREE and it’s fun!

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