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GifRiff’s are musical hooks merged with a GIF, that can either be used to promote an existing song or attract collaboration for a new song or album. Simply follow the instructions below to produce your own GifRiff and discover how this simple format can increase the visibility of you and your music.

Trying to get attention for your music can be tough. It takes a lot to produce a song and to promote it, hoping people will spend a full 3 minutes listening to it. 

But what if you could promote your riffs in a way that enticed people to follow you, allowed you to create more of them as social content and invited collaboration around your seed ideas?

A GifRiff isn’t really not all that technologically innovative, in that they are simply a gif, an audio file, and some text all combined together to promote a song idea in a short segment. But they allow you to promote your music in small Social Media-sized bits, to engage the appetites people have for small bits of Content. And that’s powerful!

And if you’re still a budding musician or don’t have the best recording equipment,  it’s ok because a GifRiff can be used to attract the kind of attention you want to the thing that matters… the music you hear and share inside your riffs and songwriting themes. 

Once you’ve created a GifRiff, you can share them on social media and add them to your JamRoom profile in the members area to generate visibility, invite collaborators/ songwriters, and generate revenue on our platform.

With a GifRiff, you can combine the same riff with multiple gif’s in order to more prolifically share your riffs and the ideas behind them!

* With a GifRiff, you can more effectively share your song ideas on social media platforms that demand shorter content snippets garnering more attention for your artistry!

GifRiffs create quick exposure and can be used to invite collaboration!

* A GifRiff is more likely to go viral!

How You Can Use a GifRiff

A GifRiff isn’t just a nifty idea, it’s a powerful way to promote your music and empower your fan base to share your ideas. Look below for some unique ways to leverage your GifRiff! 


Your GifRiffs can be licensed for use in presentations, videos, or as ringtones.

Share Across Web & Social Media

GifRiffs can be shared across multiple social media platforms and you can generate multiple GifRiffs for each riff you create.


Use GifRiffs to promote your concerts and to sell tickets to other live events!


A GifRiff can be merged with a QR code and can be used to create merchandise that physically shares your riffs with your fans.

Merchandise with QR codes printed on them so your fans can connect to your riff anytime. Good for connecting them to your Artist Highlight page on, to your BandCamp listing, YouTube channel or wherever you desire to send them. Coffee Mugs, pins, stickers, phone cases, and more. A great way to promote yourself to your fans in person.


Want a BONUS?

GifRiffs are absolutely FREE!

TheJamRoom is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping musicians

write, produce, publish, and promote their music. 

This is just another way we’ve developed to help make that happen.

How To Create a GifRiff

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The video to the right will demonstrate how to create a GifFiff or you can use the written instructions below. 


1.) Click Here to Launch the animated gif site: Giphy  to download a gif for use in your GifRiff. NOTE: Try to find a gif that speaks to your riff and matches the rhythm.

2.) Click Here to Launch the online video editor: Kapwing to merge your animated gif and audio together with subtitles, shapes, and other elements.

3.) Download your merged GifRiff to your computer and then upload it to your social media channels.

4.) If you want to share your GifRiff on our platform and across our social channels, simply Click Here to become a member of and then fill out your profile where you can add links to your GifRiff(s.)  We’ll visit those links and then promote your GifRiff.

*** When you add a GifRiff to your member profile, you may be chosen to have a song written from it, by our members. If we write a song from it, we’ll also produce it, publish it, and then share the profits with you. 

If your GifRiff is the product of a song you’ve already written and you would like us to promote your music, we’ll do that too!****** If we also promote your GifRiff on our RedBubble store, we’ll promote it and share the profits of the sales with you as well.  

Access Membership Portal for more details.

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