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Would you like to be highlighted by The Jam Room, have a RedBubble store attached to your highlight page, and a Donate button added to your profile like the one below?

Here’s How and Why

With a highlight page, your profile is made public to the world on a more graphically pleasing web page so that as we market The Jam Room, you gain exposure. We run paid ads to promote these highlight pages, and we build you a profile on RedBubble so you can sell merchandise. Plus we feature more of your music and make you a video from your story, if desired. Artist Highlight Pages are a robust way to get the most out of The Jam Room. 

Also, with a DONATE Button on your Profile, you can share your profile on social media, and backed by the authority of The Jam Room, request donations through the link. 

Donations will be applied to your Membership Account through Aplos and you can use those funds to purchase training classes on the site, instruments from the site, or use them to publish on CDBaby through The Jam Room.  These funds can be used to purchase anything available through The Jam Room. 

How it works: We use APLOS as our nonprofit accounting software to track funds and donations. APLOS allows us to setup “Donation Purposes” which in turn allows us to generate donation forms that record each donation directly in our accounting system.  Donations that come in through these channels will be credited to your profile account 100% as long as you remain an active member.

As you accumulate funds we work with you to put them to work as efficiently as possible, including letting you know when our vendor partners have specials  or when we acquire donated gear, etc.  It’s free money that we can make go a long ways together towards helping you increase your musicianship profile.

We are a public nonprofit organized to benefit our members. If you do not trust this process, then by all means, abstain from it. But if it makes sense and you want a way to ask your social channels to support you, and that through The Jam Room their donations will be applied directly to your career (gaining their trust,) then we invite you to request a DONATE button from us.

You might wonder how this differs from a crowdfunding approach or say, Patreon.

Here’s a few things to consider:

1) You get to use our credibility to backup your stated donation purpose. 2) It allows you to ask for specific donation amounts for specific training’s (a powerful approach to donation success.3) It allows you to help support the charity that supports you.4) It increase your visibility within The Jam Room and its celebrity partners.5) We manage the platform so you don’t have to.6) It’s just an additional avenue for you to use to generate funds for your musical development, not a replacement.7) These donations are a tax-free way for you to fund your musical growth.

How to apply: Once you have your profile completely filled out, submit this form. If you submit the form without a complete profile, you will be denied and have to start the process over.  Once we approve your request, this section will be removed  and your profile will updated with something that looks like what you see below. 

NOTE: To add a DONATE button to your profile so you can share it, we have to make your profile public and not only visible to members of The Jam Room. It will be indexed on search engines and available for public viewing across the web.

Once you have been approved for an Artist Highlight page, you will see a link in the box below to a private Google Drive folder where you can upload media such as images, videos, mp3, and text files such as Press Releases, etc. These will be promoted to our platform where you will receive exposure from The Jam Room membership, mentors and followers. Your profile will also be promoted on Social Media through ad’s and other promotional strategies.  It is recommended that you do not upload videos that are already on another YouTube channel as this may depreciate your influence with Google’s algorithm.