Artist Highlight – Lonnie Good

As a young boy, Lonnie J. Good grew up witnessing his aunts and uncles making music with their voices and instruments. In awe of their talents, he was inspired to grab some of that magic and use it to propel himself forward in life, love, and ministry to others.

Singer/ Songwriter

As a singer and songwriter, there is no higher praise that could be given him than that his heart is connected to his music, and nothing stands between the great love he has for people and the melodies of his life he uses to express it.

I wrote a book, the title, “Music Runs Through It”. It’s a bio of my life. Born in Sedro-Woolley WA, in 1957, I spent the first half of my life in Skagit County. It was in my young childhood that my family would have “reunions”, where all my aunts and uncles, The Baker Clan, would drag out their guitars, mandolins, accordions, etc… and sing with all they had. They were the descendants of William Twitty Baker, one of the few children survivors of the Meadow Mountain Massacre. This may explain why they were so passionate about their music.

In my early teen years, I moved to Marblemount. It was a community of Hippies and Red Necks. The two didn’t seem to mix well, although the hippies found a place to work in the woods as tree planters, while the rednecks cut them down and logged them out!The hippies loved music and acoustic guitars were in almost every home or shelter. So I became ‘one of them’ for same time. I was introduced to some great artists that I had never heard of, Jessie Collin Young comes to mind.Although my stint as a hippie was short lived, 3 years, my love for the acoustic guitar never diminished. I began playing live at Blue Grass Jams. I remember that I would kick myself all the way home, I couldn’t believe I would embarrass myself in such a way On Purpose. Although I was always well received, I was very conscious of my flaws… singing in front of people is not for the faint of heart. Music was so deeply ingrained in me, and I loved it so much, I really had no choice but to keep pressing in.I began writing early, my first song was a break-up song, that I actually sang to my girl friend, who had been seeing someone else when I was away. So, I found a way to say, “hey, I’m nobody’s clown… goodbye.”.That started my writing career. I call it a career but I’ve never really tapped into the industry although it’s not for a lack of trying. I think regular life, jobs, bills, family, all takes priority over chasing, what could be nothing more than a dream, and yet, the dream survived long after divorce, loss, failure, etc…I won some song competitions, taking first place in competitions wherein the talent was over the top. I took first place in “songwriting” category in a competition in Seattle. A little victory that gave me some hope that I was doing ok. Even though I have not landed the “Hit” song with a publisher that would help launch it, there is no doubt in my mind that I have more than a handful that would in fact end up placing well on the charts.I fronted several bands, using my original songs as our material. I looked up to all my band mates, and to know that they thought enough of my material to devote a part of their lives was very meaningful.I started recording at a very young age, using battery powered, portable, hand-held reel to reel recorders. I would take it with me when visiting friends, recording whatever we were doing. coming from hand held recorders to building “Good Studios” on our current property, it’s been a very natural progression. My bride and I have recorded several albums as well as a few solo records as well.I have had the great privilege of helping others with their recording needs. I have helped local artists begin and finish life long desires, projects that their grandchildren will hear, long after we are gone. I derive a lot of joy from seeing artists light up with excitement as their dreams come true.The older get the more I realize that I need to focus. As I have tried to make everything count toward music, one thing after another has come to me. For instance, when B&G guitars broke upon the market with the Little Sister guitar, I pursued and accomplished being one of a few dealers in the U.S. Then I picked up another client, also making hand made, high end guitars, from Israel. The ‘Thunder Child’ from Tone Revival guitars also has found a home, here at Good Studios in Okanogan.I am currently a full time Worship Pastor and Assistant Pastor of a rural church in North Central Washington, a town called, ‘Twisp.’Through the years, I have made some friends and great connections with others in the music industry. One day, I know I will hear one of my songs doing well in the world market.

And now my heart is in Uganda where my wife and I have established our charitable efforts, to build schools and encourage these villages in the Lord because we truly believe we should be “More Like Water.”

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