Song Sponsorships

In partnership with Goodmark Studios, The Jam Room offers Sponsorship Packages for businesses who want us to write a song for their marketing, and record it. This is a tax exempt sponsorship rewarded with a custom song, per the description given below. 

It seems these days that two out of four children in schools choose art, music, or sports as their favorite subjects.  Yes, a few still choose math or science but the inclination towards the arts is significant and obvious. 

Most young people all the way to millennial’s heavily favor video games as their primary source of entertainment.  According to a post on VentureBeat“Millennials spend an average of $112 a month on gaming content, according to a new report from gaming research company SuperData. That is more than any other age group, including the Gen X and Gen Z demographics.

And they don’t just spend that money on buying games or downloadable content. SuperData notes that 71 percent of millennial gamers watch video game content on sites like Twitch and YouTube. The average millennial gamer will spend about $29 a month in donations to video content creators. They will also watch an average of six hours of video game content.”

What does all of this elude to? An increasingly creative-centric society that engages in entertainment more than ever.  At least that is the hypothesis we are using to promote our Songwriting Content Marketing. But before you cast judgment, let me explain a little further. 

Content marketing, of course, is the idea that you deploy content across your channels in order to engage and impact a fan base to gain visibility and drive sales.

To this end, mountains of Content get released onto the Internet in each entity’s attempt to engage you and keep your attention. With each campaign having a different strategy, depending on the goals of the campaign. One thing most won’t deny however, is that viral messaging with a compelling call to action that leads to a solid product offering is a tried and true formula for successful conversions, barring supernatural events or unforeseen circumstances. 

So we craft our products into the best and most cost effective solutions available Then we build sales funnels to convert traffic at rates such as 2%, maybe 3% if lucky. With those two elements in place now all we need to do is drive traffic to them, and that is where for small businesses we are either stopped dead in our tracks, we break our backs blogging and filling our Instagram, or we allocate bigger budgets than we’re comfortable with to drive traffic.

What we all struggle to do, is craft Content that has a viral/ emotional component built-in. And even if we do craft that Content once, we are hard pressed to craft it again and again. 

So we believe a song is a great way to overcome this hurdle of emotional Content.

Here is how we do it: First, we begin with a theme. We call it a Leit Motiv, the term used in classical music to define the theme of a piece of music. It actually translates back to the theme of most any story line.  To extrapolate this idea a bit more, regarding its application towards corporate training, you can read this PDF on Leit Motiv. It’s old, so disregard any links that are in it.

Next, you identify all the attributes surrounding that theme and its emotions. From there, the songwriter sits with the theme, lays down lyrics, a melody, chord progressions and before you know it they have a song built from the heart of your product or business.

Now the real magic is in the next step, but first let’s consider an example.

Let’s consider a possibility of a bistro that makes and sells coffee. Their unique selling proposition is in the ingredients and how you order them with so many variations and a “build-your-own” menu. 

The theme they want to stress is that their Quick to Order experience will be the highlight of your day and after having one of their coffees or latte’s…“It Would Be Great.” 

So maybe in this case, preeminence is the theme. 

Reminder, these are not jingles. These are songs. Songs with a groove, a hook, and a beat that won’t stop.  Songs that people will dance, sing, and relate to. They will be songs that get them tapping their feet at a pub or being happily preoccupied while sitting in traffic on the California 405 at 5pm on a Monday.

In this example, let’s say it needed to be a straight forward jamming song because their shop is in Seattle where “Grundge-music” originated, and they don’t want to pigeon-hole their audience to only one style of music, so a grass-roots groove helps them reach audiences far away from the West Coast. 

But they are just a coffee shop and not in the music industry. 

So what can you do with a song? You can take your song that speaks to your niche and re-purpose it with digital strategies across social media channels while also treating it like a single, promoting the song itself within the music market, creating two opportunities for success.  

You could produce a number of songs and start your own label so you can reach new audiences or you can talk about the song on your website, podcast, or blog… on and on it goes. 

Just for fun, here’s another example. This time it’s for Subaru…

You can also make a music video, and in fact because you are not promoting the song for the sake of the song only, you can make multiple music videos for the same song, for original content to share on multiple platforms. 

You can produce a video about the story behind the song and upload it to, you can take snapshots of the music video and upload them to image sites, driving traffic to the song.  

You can create a Powerpoint specific to the message you are wanting to deliver and use the song as the background music, then upload it to Slideshare.

You can create memes with the song, host singing contests, do surveys about it, allow others to use the song for free just to promote it.  The list is endless. And it’s all traffic for your brand.

It works because it’s your song, it’s built around your brand and it’s been systematically formulated to speak to your audience in a way that printed Content cannot.

And the added perk is that if it becomes a hit song in the traditional sense of a hit song, you could stand to profit from the song as well. 

You can publish it as an artist recording as well, like in the following example.

When its your song because you purchased it, you can do what you want with it. You can have whomever you want sing it and re-record it, you can put it in a movie, make a movie about it, add it to a video game or anything you deem will give it more mileage.

What does it take to create a piece of Content so powerful and productive?

Per the research done by NPR, a rough tally to create one pop song comes to $78,000. But it’s not a hit until everybody hears it. How much does that cost? About $1 million, according to Daniels, Riddick and other industry insiders.

So why can we do it for a fraction of that cost? Because we are reverse engineering the process, we aren’t concerned with mass marketing but rather target marketing, you aren’t trying to generate money with the song so you can circulate it for free, and be and because we have a powerful Content Marketing distribution platform mingled with industry insight to get the most out of it, that major labels are paying agencies like ours for.  

What other aspects of this process can we offer to help you promote your song? Click here to find out by telling us how you want your song to resonate, and we’ll get started writing it.