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An online/ offline incubator designed to
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The coolest Nonprofit Charity on the planet is
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other musicians help themselves.

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The Jam Room is both an online and offline nonprofit organization.
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The Jam Room nonprofit charity
serves three purposes.

1)  We Provide Musical Development & Industry Training - For the independent musician who is looking for a local place to develop their talent into a profitable gift we offer a local Jam Room and resources for learning and growing, via our web portal. 

2) We Offer Musicians & Bands a Launch Pad - For musical artists, bands or groups looking for help producing and publishing their own music, we have a grant program that allows us to pay 100% of the publication fees for you, a growing platform to increase your exposure, and an Incubator Program for new artists to launch from without any investment. We also have a mentor program called KEYHOLE, designed to partner you with a career-launching Sponsor.

3.) We Help Launch New Jam Room Incubators - For those who have a Jam Room they want to convert into an incubator or for those who want to build one using our template, we offer instructions and guidance  to build your own local Jam Room Incubator with resources to run and sustain it, as a member of The Jam Room Network.

To learn more about each purpose, please visit our About section, watch the video's below and then register as a member of The Jam Room to become part of this growing network of musicians helping musicians help themselves.

The Jam Room Incubator Launch Pad 

Are you interested in getting your music distributed but don't have the funds to make it happen? That's why we are here to help.  Discover our two paths to us helping you. 

1) The Jam Room Grant Program where we pay the fees to get your music distributed and you cash 100% of the royalty checks.

2) The Jam Room Incubator Program where you submit your works to our platform, allowing us to promote them in return for free exposure, feedback and guidance from industry experts on what to do next.

The Jam Room Incubator Network

Jam Rooms exist all over the globe across every style of music, mostly for the purpose of jamming. Makes sense.

But for those who would like to take their Jam Room to another level as an incubator or start a new Jam Room incubator modeled after our own template, we invite you to join our network of Jam Room Incubators.

a Washington State nonprofit