About The Jam Room

The Jam Room is a musician incubator created by James Craddock, a digital marketer, Empowerment Coach/ Church Pastor, Scoutmaster, Veteran, School Teacher, and Guitarist/ Songwriter.  

An eclectic mix for a unique approach!

John Doe

Creator of Mobile Music Institute, Helping Hands for Freedom, & Lucky 7 for Kids

You are the real deal Mr. Craddock.

The Jam Room was birthed from a need for a local, community-accessible forum where the wide range of talent living throughout the Okanogan Valley, here in Washington State, USA, could  benefit from collaboration through training, gear acquisition, production, publishing and marketing.

With a systematized approach supported by professionals in music, production, digital marketing web design and others, it became clear that we could extend these resources across the web and empower many other musicians. So we formed a nonprofit incubator “The Jam Room.”

Music is personal while also public, it’s healing and motivating. If you consider both sides of the participation spectrum, you can either suppress the human desire to create music or empower it. We’ve chosen to empower it and the artists.

Jam Room Incubators modeled after our blueprint have intrinsic value that can not only generate funds for musicians to buy new gear, get better trained and further the impact and reach of their music but they can also have a positive affect within a community.

To this end, we provide resources on three levels:1) TRAINING: Musical education to enable musicians to become musically viable in a performance setting, as rapidly as possible.  

2) ​SPONSORING: Our Keyhole Program is an intersection between donors and emerging musicians to procure funds to help artists overcome the initial momentum needed for to impact the industry. 

3) CONNECTING: We support and promote the creation of new Jam Room Incubators with our incubator network to produce effective collaboration around existing and emerging trends in the industry, while leveraging our position to capitalize on data and insights gained from serving the incubator network.

By synthesizing these three elements in a local incubator, we have a hands -on laboratory to test approaches we then share with our members online through the website, member site, social media, and email.

On its surface The Jam Room Incubator is just a good old fashioned Jam Room where musicians connect and play their music together, but with loftier goals and greater potential because it seeks to leverage technological trends and creative strategies to benefit its members through a collaborative approach. In other words, we are here for you as a chartible giving non-profit organization.Creativity is already considered the number one skill corporationsare seeking in their employees, and to that end the future iscalling for a dynamic creation of music that is spontaneous andintegrated. In a world changing every day, pushing us towardstechnological singularity and dynamic creative expression, musicincubators are growing more and more necessary to push us outsideour comfort zone of current production standards.Jam Room Incubators are where music and innovation havefree reign, being encouraged to come together as they movetowards the edge of possibility, and peer over.That’s the big picture. In the meantime, musicians desiring to attainsome level of commercial success and application of their creativetalents are getting lost in the myriad of approaches to monetizingtheir talents.From career-minded musicians and singers to hobbyists, Jam Room Incubators offer a community of artists the ability to collaborateon funding their Jam Room Incubator in a unique, local environment of ingenuity and progressive creativity. The key to success is combining resources as we experiment with unique ideas on all levels, from gear acquisition to marketing, production and publishing.As a nonprofit entity we have funds provided through donations and sponsorship’s that can be applied directly to a musician’s efforts to have their music published and distributed, gear acquired and connections made to sponsors who will mutually benefit from an alliance with them. And we teach our network how to acquire these resources as well. The social component of an incubator brings people together,unifies individuals, and creates a healing environment by developing a healthy disposition through musical expression. This even provides a source of connection for those who find music to be soothing and helpful in their recovery from PTSD and other such stress-related injuries.Furthermore by hosting The Jam Room as a platform, crowdfundingprinciples and collective resources create a power base forhelping musicians financially with production, publishing, and marketing.The Jam Room is an idea that forms the basis to empower local Jam Room Incubators around the globe with the resources needed to cultivateand prosper from the creative spirit within each musician.

The Jam Room… it’s an incubator helping musicians help themselves!

This stuff is mind-blowing James. You’ve done so much with what you’ve had to work with. This will will evolve into a spectacular platform. I really believe we have the pieces coming together to build a grand enterprise. Thank you for all of this and for teaming up with me to help carry this down the field. Let’s get that touchdown. Holy cow.

Brooks Anderson

President of Artifact Timber LLC

Having worked with James Craddock on product development, from concept to fruition,  I can attest to his amazing creativity and laser-like focus.

Steve Hartovv

New York Times Best-Selling Author

Stick with James, he’s a Rainmaker.

Daved T. Fagan | The Icon Builder

Co-Author of “Guerrilla Rainmakers” with Jay Conrad Levinson

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