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Note: Due to Covid-19, the in-person jam sessions of The Jam Room have been temporarily suspended. 

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To take part in our free weekly songwriting and production Zoom meetings, please email us at membersupport@thejamroom.org to be added to the calendar.

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The Jam Room is a nonprofit incubator serving musicians with unique ideas for promoting their music through digital strategies and collaboration.

Our #1 job is to pair you with sponsors to help you move along in your journey. 
Our #2 job is to provide you with resources to get you to your goals as efficiently as possible.
Our #3 job is to help you gain more exposure with digital strategies and distribution across our platform.

We offer training, support, and motivation in the areas of instrumentation, songwriting, production, publishing, and promotion through local Jam Rooms and an online
Membership Portal of resources and affiliate partners.

Our platform also offers connection to talented artists and
financial Sponsor-partners, eager to fund your journey to success.  

TRAINING: The Jam Room Training Center
We Provide Musical Development &
Industry Training 

The Jam Room is a place for musicians to collaborate with local talent and learn from industry professionals as they produce new music profitably through the organization of resources, connections, and inspiration!

SPONSORING: Keyhole Sponsorship's
We Help Songwriters & Bands Partner with Financial Sponsors

The Jam Room offers financial sponsors who are anxious to help talented musicians produce and publish their music. This means you are only limited by your talent and willingness to do the work. What an opportunity!

REPLICATING: The Jam Room Incubator Network
We Launch New Jam Room Incubators

A growing network of Jam Rooms, modeled after our blueprint with access to our resources, designed to empower local communities with great music, collaborative engagement, and emerging talent! (These are currently on-hold due to the Coronavirus)

To learn more about each purpose, please visit our About section, watch the video's below and then register as a member of The Jam Room to become part of this growing network of musicians helping musicians help themselves.

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4) Monitor email & social media for updates & an invitation to meet with Sponsors!
5) Visit a local Jam Room in your area or start your own!

"James Craddock, founder of The Jam Room, is an inventor.  A tirelessly creator of new models designed to help us experience a greater understanding of our own inner workings as human beings and the world around us… I have the highest respect for James and for the work he does, it may very well change your life forever.”         

Steven Memel

Creator of “The Science of Switching On,”  Celebrity Performance Coach, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

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